Over 30 years operations, engineering and water treatment technical experience.

Start-up experience in Alberta oil and gas.

Over 10 years corporate water doctor experience.

Water Treatment Expert / Litigation Services

Data Centre Computer Room Air Handling / Chilled Water Systems Audits
About FUSE Inc.

FUSE Inc. is a partnership of water treatment subject matter experts with over 130 combined years of utilities processing experience.

We are registered with a permit to practice with APEGA and are covered for professional liability.

FUSE Inc. currently has long-term contracts with industrial water treatment facilities in all major industries and have participated in multiple large system commissioning projects.

We provide subject matter expert (SME) litigation services for water treatment issues, particularly corrosion related failures.

FUSE Inc. coordinates extensive training courses such as our Oil Separation & Water Treatment (OSWT) course.

Water Treatment Expert / Litigation Services

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Data Centre Computer Room Air Handling / Chilled Water Systems Audits

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Plant Commissioning

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Shutdown Inspections & Procedures

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Oil Processing, De-oiling & Water Treatment Program Optimizations for SAGD Processes

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Training (Computer Modules & Inhouse)

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Root Cause and Troubleshooting Analysis

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Hazop and other Safety Reviews

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Bid Preparation and Execution

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Oil Separation & Water Treatment (OSWT) courses

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Senior Technical Consultants
  • Chris Friesen Profile Picture

    Chris Friesen, P. Eng.

    A “Water Treatment” subject matter expert in hydrocarbon processing and high-pressure steam systems. He has coordinated research and development projects to address corrosion issues in various industries and has authored / co-authored four technical papers for the International Water Conference and NACE (National Association for Corrosion Engineers). This research work has provided optimized monitoring and treatment programs for the hydrocarbon industry.

    Chris’ expertise stems from 30+ years of experience in the hydrocarbon processing and power generation industries. In his most recent role as Corporate Water Treatment Specialist for NOVA Chemicals Ltd., he had corporate responsibility for technical optimization of all water treatment systems within NOVA and other IPIC companies across North America and Europe. Chris’ role in the NOVA Technical Expert Network was to provide business case development for large water treatment projects. As a troubleshooter, Chris has a black belt in Lean Sigma training and has led several KT troubleshooting exercises.

  • Chris Jobb Profile Picture

    Chris Jobb

    An “Oil and Water Separation” subject matter expert in heavy oil, recognized for his ability to assess and troubleshoot mechanical separation equipment, chemical programs and operational practices.

    Chris’ expertise stems from 30+ years of experience in the heavy oil industry and process chemicals as a certified plant inspector and technical consultant.

    In his most recent role as Vice President of Solenis, Chris oversaw all aspects of North American operations including P&L responsibility and marketing and selling Solenis products and services to companies globally to stimulate upstream, and downstream growth in the hydrocarbon industry.

  • Don Downey Profile Picture

    Don Downey

    Don has over thirty seven (37) years of industrial water treatment experience. His main area of expertise is in the design and commissioning of ion exchange equipment. For the past ten years, he has focused on providing technical support for SAGD projects for ion exchange resin and equipment design technology. Don has six publications on various uses of ion exchange resin in the water treatment industry.

    He is an active member of ASME PTC 31 committee that is writing procedures for the accurate testing of high purity water treatment equipment for the purpose of determining level of performance. Don also serves on the International Water Conference’s Technical Committee.

  • Jack Gregory Profile Picture

    Jack Gregory

    Jack Gregory has over 40 years industry experience and technical knowledge in all aspects of hydrocarbon production and processing. Jack has an extensive knowledge and experienced based focus on process optimization, chemical application and management in heavy oil production, upgrading and refining as well as an extensive understanding of industrial water treatment issues.

    Jack has a thorough and valuable technical competency in treatment chemistry and its application in oilfield production, gas processing, thermal processing, oilsands mining extraction, oilsands upgrading, petroleum refining, petrochemical processing and industrial water treatment.

    Jack has spent a significant portion of his career intimately involved in thermal and the refining industries specifically with regard to heavy oil, its production, upgrading and associated water related issues and equipment utilized in all (production and water) facets.

  • Robert Walls Profile Picture

    Robert Walls

    Rob Walls is an Operations expert with 30+ years experience in all aspects of plant operation, operator training, and plant start-up and commissioning.

    Rob has extensive experience in operations training programs and technical writing including training manuals, operations qualification packages, procedure writing and hands on plant operator training.

    Rob’s experience includes: SAGD, co-generation, water treatment, ethylene and poly ethylene, oil refining, pipeline storage and pumping and coal fired power generation. Rob is an active member of the IPE and AWWOA as well as holds a Second Class Steam Engineering certification, Level 1 Water and Waste Water certification, Industrial Firefighter and Unit Emergency Director certification.

  • Pat Terfloth Profile Picture

    Pat Terfloth

    Pat Terfloth has been providing water and process treatment technical support, training and troubleshooting services to the hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries since 1982. He has extensive experience in water pretreatment, high pressure steam systems, waste water treatment, hydrocarbon process corrosion, fouling and deposit control.

    Pat has authored several papers on high pressure steam system treatment, MIC (microbiologically induced corrosion) control and steam generation equipment failure analysis. He is currently the Canadian representative to the AF&PA and active in both Canadian BLRBAC associations.

    His most recent role was Regional (North America) Marketing Manager for Solenis, responsible for developing and introducing new products and services to the hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical and pulp and paper industries.

  • Patrick Dwyer Profile Picture

    Patrick Dwyer

    Patrick Dwyer is a “Polymer Flood” subject matter expert and is recognized for his ability to assess and troubleshoot mechanical separation equipment, chemical programs and operational practices. He has developed strategies to minimize the impact of polymers and chemicals on enhanced oil recovery projects. This includes interwell tracer tests, conformance strategies and treatment of emulsions for water flooding, polymer, surfactant, carbon dioxide and steam applications. His unique talent in this area of expertise is supported by his strengths in plant operations, chemical technical sales, design engineering reviews and extensive commissioning / start-up experiences.

    Pat’s expertise stems from 35+ years of experience in the polymer flood industry.

  • John Klein Profile Picture

    John Klein

    John has forty-five (45) years of work experience in the pulp and oil and gas industries. Of that, twenty-nine (29) years as a First Class Power Engineer.

    As Power and Recovery Manager in the pulp industry, John had a proven track record of identifying and implementing operational changes and improvements that enhanced productivity and profitability. He developed and set annual inspection and maintenance scopes for recovery, hog and power boilers and liaised with maintenance contractors and insurance underwriters as required during annual mill shutdowns. John is a results oriented team player possessing strong interpersonal and communication skills, able to interact with all levels of professionals and deliver effective written correspondence.

    John’s most recent role (2008-2019) was Chief Engineer of a mid-stream sour gas plant that also consisted of two (2) deep cut plants, two (2) sulphur plants and a fractionation plant. In this capacity John updated training programs for both plant and field operators, supervised union and non-union field and plant operators, maintenance and related staff. Assisted in improving plant reliability to 98%+.

    John is a past member of the Western Canada BLRBAC. Pressure Equipment Integrity Management representative for the gas plant quality management program. Electrical safety codes representative for the gas plant.